onsdag den 30. marts 2011

James Jarvis toys

OHHH YES just found these on Ebay forever sensible motorcycle club - at a really good bargain price !

lørdag den 26. marts 2011

fredag den 25. marts 2011


Today did not go as planned hence no trains wanted to take us to Malmø, so we ended up in Fields having lunch with Linda and shopping a bit
got this tee for Indy

onsdag den 23. marts 2011

tirsdag den 22. marts 2011

Farmor homemade !

Indy´s grandmother handmade teddy´s are so amazing .. I love the grey cat and the little girl!

søndag den 20. marts 2011

Jellycat teddybears are awesome, pictures are from January


Hanging out with goats... pics from yesterday


Cav has made this little Big man animation watch it

One Life - Amazing Animation by Corey Hayes (Song is "Old Man" by Neil Y...

My hair

Since being pregnant I havent had a proper haircut it`s just growing like a 70´s hippie

An Eye For Annai


Nothing beats that my little girl totally rocks out to Danzig just like myself ! ROCK ON HELL YEAH

fredag den 18. marts 2011

GTA4 - Scooter Brothers!!

I find this hysterically funny

Hey ...next time u get a new carpet why dont u hug it

Sylvanian families

I know I have a problem , I get very addicted when I start buying stuff I can collect..I had one family of animals when I was a kid, I wanted to make sure Indy had more.. Im almost scared to say I´ve bought 21 families for her ..I KNOW IM MAD

Indy today , everyday is the greatest

I wonder if I could make time stand still for just a while... pleaseeeeee
Jeez stop growing so damn fast

too much caffeine

Drinking way too much Pepsi and Red bull ... gotta switch to water asap


Also made by boyfriend ..I heart it


I really love this video made by my love .. And such a fantastic song

Indy er vild med Kaj

Har købt denne dvd box og den er bare et hit, Indy siger KAJ meget...Og det holder sku det børne tv fra 70érne
Jeg er ret vild med Povl Kjøllers stramme trøjer og Kjeld Nørgaards sprøde stemme. WE LIKE